1. Slip fee for guest vessels
Vessels with a length up 13m: 25 EUR / 24 hours a day
Vessels with a length of 13m to 20m: 32 EUR / 24 hours a day
Vessels with a length of 20m and more: 4 EUR/m / 24 hours a day
2. Slip fee for permanently based vessels
Vessels with a length up to 8m: 40 EUR/month; 155 EUR/season
Vessels with a length of 8m to 10m: 55 EUR/month; 200 EUR/season
Vessels with a length of 10m to 13m: 100EUR/month; 300EUR/season
Vessels with a length of 13m to 20m: 190EUR/month; 570EUR/season
Vessels with a length of of 20m and more: 260EUR/month; 960EUR/season
3. The procedure for taking a berth
3.1 From the fifth day, the discount is 10% and from the fifteenth day it is 50%.
3.2 When stopping at the port for up to 8 hours, the berth fee is 7 EUR, and if you stop at the port for more than 8 hours, there is a berth fee according to the above 24-hour prices.
3.3 Each new day started is considered to be a whole 24-hour day and is payable according to the price list.
3.4 50% is added to the price for catamaran-type vessels.
3.5 The pallets, which have more than 4 people located, will be added to the berth fee of 2 EUR per day per person starting from the fifth person.
4. Other services
Use of sauna for pre-order 20 EUR/hour
Use the shower 2 EUR/person
Using a washing machine 4 EUR/machine full
Use a dryer 4 EUR/machine full
Using a washing machine with a dryer 7 EUR/machine full
Use of slip for launching a boat free of charge free
Storage of vessels on port territory 1.20 EUR*length*width/month
Bicycle rental 3 EUR/hour; 10 EUR/day
Paddle boat rental 5 EUR/hour
Caravan parking fee Caravan parking fee includes
18 EUR/day + 2 EUR/person

100 EUR/week + 10 EUR/person

350 EUR/month + 35 EUR/person

About parking on the territory
of Kuressaare harbour
Toilet use
Use the shower
Wastewater tank discharge
the Internet
Children up to and including 9 years old are free of charge

All prices include VAT 20%
The period from 1 May to 1 November
The port fee for vessels making commercial trips must be agreed with the manager of OÜ Kuressaare Marina in advance